Leggings are NOT pants!


So all people know that leggings are not pants!

But somehow, women feel the need to show off their rear end, in hopes of getting a potential partner. Well, ladies, I say if you want attention you got it! But the wrong kind! You want a partner who is actually going to treat you for you. But any way you wear them, please wear a shirt over your junk!



Just be sure if you are wearing cannabis leggings you’re not going to your grandmothers house for the weekend. She might not even know what those little flowers are, but you don’t want to chance it.




Lastly, put on some clothes! Don’t be walkin’ around in this cold with all your skin hangin out. I don’t know what you think but this girl below dosen’t look like she’s in the sun!


So, please just keep your body as a sacred tool. Remember that sensuality is not about how sexy you look, but how sexy you feel. 


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